Super Q Food Truck brings to San Diego the best hickory-smoked BBQ on the west coast! They serve All-American BBQ with elements of North Carolina, Texas and St. Louis styles. If you are craving classic American cuisine such as sandwiches, sliders, and of course, BBQ, make sure you catch this food truck at its next stop!

Our favorite menu items are the Super Q Pork Melt, Knock Out Chicken, and their BBQ Asada fries. They also have some lighter options such as the BBQ chicken salad, house-made potato salad, sweet potato fries, and daily vegetarian specials you can ask for on the spot! The chefs on board do not start barbecuing your meal until the moment you order, so everything is grilled to your specifications and the ingredients are fresh and hand prepared. Make sure to satisfy your next BBQ craving at the Super Q food truck!

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