Over the years our neighborhoods have changed quite a bit, but regardless of the the type you live in, there are still basic rules and etiquette that you should follow to be a good neighbor:

  • Reach Out: Investing time in getting to know the neighbors will help keep relationships harmonious and make it easier to handle any problems that arise.
  • Keep The Music Respectful:  If you play your music in your backyard, remember to keep the volume to a reasonable level and turn it off before it gets too late.
  • Be Friendly: A friendly smile and wave to a neighbor when you go out and get the mail can go a long way toward creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Be a Courteous Driver: Don’t treat your neighborhood streets as your own personal racetrack.  You always have to be mindful of the possibility of dogs and kids playing around.  Also, your neighbors don’t need to associate your comings and goings with loud music up and down the street.
  • Close Your Garage Door:  Avoid the habit of leaving your garage door open, especially if it is unorganized.  Not only is it a security issue, it’s also an issue of extending common courtesy to your neighbors who may not wish to see your collection of boxes and garbage cans.
  • Avoid Leaving Things in the Front Yard:  Whether it’s toys, yard equipment, or car parts, it’s bad policy to leave items on your front yard or driveway.
  • Don’t Let Your Dog Bark All Day/Night:  Leaving your dog alone to bark all day or night is a definite way to strain relations with your neighbors or possibly violate a city noise ordinance.
  • Considerate Outside Lighting:  Make sure your security lights don’t shine into your neighbors house.
  • Yard Maintenance:  At a minimum, meet the basic standards of yard maintenance by mowing, weed-whacking and doing your best to keep your yard looking decent.Neighbors lose sleep over the thought of their property value decreasing due to their neighbors poor yard maintenance.
  • And If Any Problems Arise:  Be sure to approach the situation in a non hostile way and speak with them in person.  Also, use good judgement in identifying real problems.