In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Blair Golden, one of our fabulous San Diego Realtors!

Blair biz card pic

Coastal Premier Properties: How did you get started in the real estate industry?

Blair Golden: I worked for years in advertising in Chicago and Los Angeles with top clients such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds. When I moved to San Diego I did marketing for Baskin-Robbins ice cream and then I started doing freelance marketing work for small businesses. One of my clients was a Realtor and I helped her with her marketing and staging and went with her on some showings. I loved it! I felt like it merged all of my skills and I promptly got my license. I was lucky that when I launched my career in Real Estate, I had an incredible mentor. She taught me all the important skills to have — knowledge of contracts, continued education, legal items to be conscious of, how to market myself on the internet, how to blog, generate leads, client management skills, tips to sell in new home communities, and much more. I became her buyer’s agent and hit the ground running. Every year has gotten better and better. I am so grateful for her showing up when she did as my mentor. Sometimes angels appear on our path and she was definitely one of mine.

CPP: What is your secret to staying motivated?

BG: Motivation is a mental mindset. I visualize success all of the time. I stay motivated by having tunnel vision towards my goal. I believe great clients will show up and they do! I have been blessed to have amazing clients. I reach out to them often and when I am having an off day I I also try to practice gratitude for all of my successes. Coastal Premier Properties offers an incredible coaching course called AID (which stands for Appreciation Intention Delegation). A small group of us meet every other week to support each other to stay motivated and to create and manifest what we want to show up in our lives.

CPP: What do you like best about CPP?

BG: Without a question, my two favorite things about CPP are Amy Green and Susan Meyers-Pyke. They have set the tone for an incredible company. I met them while doing a transaction with them years ago and I enjoyed working with them so much! They model integrity and intelligence. They really care for their clients and they are so incredibly authentic. At CPP, I also really love the AID coaching. And Shannon the marketing director is also great, she teaches classes on the latest marketing trends and helps me with my marketing as well. I love that Amy and Susan are always there to answer a question, as is our broker, Tom Tucker. No matter how long you’re in this industry, there is always something that comes up in a transaction so it’s nice to have a team of trusted advisors.

CPP: How do you personally define success?

BG: Success for me is setting out to achieve something and then attaining that goal. For me, success is having a thriving real estate business, having a great family, being healthy, and having joy and wonder in my life. Balance is key for me and I feel I am most successful when I am working with great clients and my personal and professional life are in flow.

CPP: What are your strengths as a Realtor?

BG: I have an innate understanding of people. I am able to connect with my clients and understand what they are looking to achieve. Once I understand their goals, I am extremely focused at finding them the home they want or getting the best possible price for their home. I like to be straightforward yet firm when negotiating on my clients’ behalf. I approach every transaction with the utmost integrity and always have my clients’ best interest at the forefront. Buying or selling a home can get very stressful and highly emotional at times so during a transaction I strive to be calm, rational, organized, and communicative. I like to keep my clients informed and feeling well taken care of. Satisfied clients make me happy and I like to think that being a Realtor is a very important job as I get to guide my clients to their next home where so many life cycle events and experiences will happen for them. It’s a huge life choice and I get to be their partner on their journey.

CPP: What are your favorite neighborhoods in San Diego?

BG: I have so many! I love Santaluz as I raised my kids there for many years and for people looking for a “lifestyle” community with beautiful topography, incredible events, and unique homes, it is one of my favorites. I like Del Sur for younger families as there are kids on every street, excellent schools, and they have really started building up the retail in the area. Leucadia and Encinitas are also great. Beach living with great yoga studios, healthy restaurants, coffee shops, great shopping, beaches, etc. Carmel Valley is a great choice for families as the schools are excellent and it is close to everything! I like North Park for younger people that like more of the eclectic lifestyle and a bit of a night life. Del Mar, La Jolla, the list goes on. I think San Diego has many different areas that can be a good fit for many different people. That is why I love to get to know my clients and what they are looking for as it really allows me to find the ideal neighborhood for them. I have lived in many different areas throughout San Diego from downtown to La Costa to Carmel Valley so I am able to provide my clients with lots of perspective.

CPP: If you weren’t a Realtor, what would you be doing?

BG: If I weren’t a Realtor I would be doing something in the field of healing. To me it is important to give back and make this planet a better place. Helping people better their lives is important to me.