4633 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 569-9171

If you are craving authentic Japanese cuisine at an affordable price, Chopstix is the perfect place for you! Located on Convoy Street, famously known primarily for their variety of Asian restaurants, Chopstix offers traditional Japanese meals and recipes in a casual setting. Their specialty cuisines are primarily noodle items such stir-fry and ramen, however they also offer non-noodle items such as katsu, curry, rice bowls, and an assortment of tempura and sushi.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very laid back and relaxed, perfect for a lunch break or a meet-up with friends and acquaintances. There are two television sets located on the back and side walls of the restaurant, however the sounds are set to low and offer more as an background ambient noise for chatting customers. Also, there is wall behind the cashier's counter where you can personally see the chefs preparing and cooking your meals while you wait. So if you're searching for delicious Japanese and Asian culture inspired meals in a comfortable setting, look no further, Chopstix is the place for you!