Supannee House of Thai

2907 Shelter Island Drive #110

San Diego, CA 92106


Located in Point Loma, Supannee offers delicious Thai food with an extremely friendly dining experience. The locals love the family oriented style that brings a strong essence of Thailand to every meal. This farm-to-table lifestyle leaves every customer satisfied while dining economically.

From mild to Thai hot, you will experience traditional meals that are prepared in this family owned restaurant. Chef Wan at Supannee House of Thai offers a special cooking style and philosophy that makes this restaurant one of San Diego's most unique Thai Cuisines. Whether you order Pad Thai, Green Curry, or Drunken Noodles, you absolutely cannot go wrong with any choice!

Next time you find yourself in Point Loma make sure to stop by Supannee House of Thai for a tasty and inviting experience you will not forge