August’s San Diego real estate market in review: As of August 2016, the average detached home in San Diego County sold for $555,000, up 4.5% from the previous year.


As of  August 2016, the average attached home (including condos, townhomes, and twinhomes) in San Diego County sold for $365,000 , up from last month.

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The average detached home in San Diego spent 37 days on the market.



Condos, twinhomes, and townhomes in San Diego spent an average of 32 days on the market.


As of August 2016, we are in a seller’s market. On average, a seller of a detached home in San Diego County receives 96.9% of the original list price at the close of the sale, slightly down from the previous month.


As of August 2016, the owners of attached properties (condos, twinhomes, and townhomes) retained 97.5% of the original listing price, up from last month.


The inventory of homes in San Diego County has gone slightly down, which is consistent with what we know that inventory is tight. With the end of the traditional home buying season, we don't expect to see much change in inventory until the spring.


The supply of attached properties continues to decline.


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