Constantly moving around the United States and in some cases, the world, is a part of life for military families. As they develop and grow in their careers, service members fulfill their duties in a variety of ways. These can include serving aboard in different installations, in small towns for recruitment, or in joint commands. Fortunately, modern technology has provided us with many ways to plan our trips to and from installations. Here are 5 trip planning apps that will not only help you move to your next installation, but also help you plan a memorable trip along the way!

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1. TripIt

Out of the five apps listed here, TripIt is the one of the most well-known apps and boasts a number of features. Its main functions include combining all itineraries, tickets, hotel bookings, rental car reservations and flights onto one simple screen. The entire trip can be managed from the app dashboard and you'll know exactly where and when to do things. It does not provide recommendations though, which is seen as one of its chief deficiencies.

2. TouristEye

TouristEye is a great companion to TripIt. TouristEye helps you find out the most interesting, fun, educational and insightful things to do in each location. Plan your trip with TripIt and then allow a little extra time to make memories with TouristEye!

3. TripCase

This app is much like TripIt in that it helps organize all of your travel bookings and schedule. However, this app has a much more integrated mapping function which allows you to plan out your driving in a much more concrete way. TripCase also identifies places along your journey that you may be interested in. You can highlight these and stop when necessary. TripCase integrates with Google Maps and all of the amazing functionalities of that service.

4. WorldMate

WorldMate is used frequently by business and world travelers, but can also be used for families. It has a particular focus on loyalty programs and gaining the most benefits from your stay. It highlights discounts, special bonuses and secrets of traveling. Experienced travelers love this app because it takes the heavy lifting out of finding the best deals and loyalty points programs.

5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the oldest and most well-known travel sites on the web. Although not particularly focused on military families, the user base and the site offers a global perspective with reviews of restaurants, hotels and hostels all around the world. Because of its enormous user base, it provides excellent reviews and recommendations for places across the US as well. With plenty of family friendly recommendations, helpful hints, and advice on fun things to do wherever you are, the site is a veritable gold mine.

Approach your next PCS with confidence knowing that not only will you arrive at your next PCS on time, you'll also have made new memories with family along the way. Make sure to also download our Relobase app before you PCS!

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